for Enterprises

The HTTP-SS 5G Technology can be installed by Enterprises own IT Resources on their clustered High Performance Servers and rolled out to satellite Offices and Mobile Workers.

The HTTP-SS 5G Server processes and transmits URL requests to the Client Browser in such a way that up to 90 % less Data for static and up to 50 % for dynamic WEB Contents will be transmitted and therefor only a fractional of Bandwidth is needed to provide a similar performance as you would expect within a high Broadband Connection.

The Latency Issues even within wWAN will be totally eleminiated by our unique Patend pending Singel Stream Technology.

HTTP-SS 5G can handle Round Trip Times upto 1500 ms and works totally Delay Free even in Satellite based IP-Networks.

It is a pure Software Solution so no special expensive Client Hardware needed. 

Advantages for Enterprises

Tailored License Model

Best use of limited Resources (Bandwidths)

More efficient and faster Data Transmission

 Faster WEB Page Loading

 Significantly better Performance

Transparent and fast Integration into existing Infrastructure

Cost Savings

Higher Customer Satisfaction

New Customers, Competitive Displacement

Image Profit

Advantages for Enterprise Users

For Android, iOS and Windows Devices

Can double his existing Bandwidth by simply downloading an App

Can reduce his monthly Costs dramatically because Data Volume will be reduced
by 90 %

Much better WEB Page Load Performance

No upgrade of existing Provider Contracts

In a Satellite or Mobile Network no Latency Issues

Much better Performance for Cloud Applications

Fast Cloud Data Backup

Broadband Availability, even in rural Areas

No special Hardware because only our Software is needed

Zero Installation Scenario – no complicated Configuration – Install and Run