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Network Operator

HTTP-SS consists of a clustered Power Server and lightweight Clients for all OS Platforms, Routers, Gateways and Modems.

Fully transparent HTTP-SS Server Integration.

Zero HTTP-SS Client  Installation through Rollout via push Download into existing DSL/Satellite Routers.

No Latency Issues even in Satellite Networks.
No Bandwidth / Latency Dependency.

Breakthrough in higher bandwidths Regions even at very long Round Trips.

Reducing Costs for further Investments into Active Network Components.

Much better Network Utilization.

Up to 40 % Volume Reduction for a Page reload Operation through Delta Data Transmission vs. normal HTTP.

HTTP-SS Client Proxy also improves DNS  Lookup Overhead (Time and Volume) on subsequent Page Loads (Cached Page)

Faster WEB Object Transfer Time

WEB Object Transfer Time nearly constant even at very high Round Trips

50 % better Performance within RTT Range 50 – 100 ms

Up To 500 % better Performance in very High Latency IP Networks

No visible Difference of Browser Page Load Time within higher or very high Latency Networks

Even much better Performance in very High Bandwidth Regions over 50 Mbit/s

Latency Bandwidth Resistance

No Dependency between Round Trip Time and TCP Bandwidth

Breakthrough in higher bandwidths Regions even at very long Round Trips

Transparent Network Integration

No need to change Network Infrastructure by fully transparent Network Integration

Supports all common Browsers


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